Developing 21st Century Dancers on a Foundation of Classical Dance Training... Developing 21st Century Dancers on a Foundation of Classical Dance Training...

Recital, 2014!!

How to Make that Recital Bun!
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"The Magical Toyshop"


Early Childhood Recital - students in all ages of PreBallet, and in PreBallet & Tap Classes:


Sunday, May 18th, 2:30pm

Chesapeake College Todd Performing Arts Center

"Coppelia and the Magical Toyshop"


An adaptation of the light-hearted classical ballet, "Coppelia", with an expanded magical toyshop, where all sorts of toys come to life!


Upper School Recitals - all students in all levels of ballet, tap, jazz, modern/contemporary, hip hop, african, and musical theatre:


*Friday, June 20th & Saturday, June 21st, 7pm

Chesapeake College Todd Performing Arts Center


*most class groups will perform EITHER Friday night OR Saturday.  Some advanced level students will perform both nights.  Details below...

Performance Date Assignments for Class Groups

EAS = Easton class, CV=Centreville Class

The Following Groups will Perform BOTH nights (June 20 & 21):

                EAS - 12 yrs+ Advanced Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Modern, Tap

                EAS - Hip Hop II

                EAS - 12 yrs+ Intermediate Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap

                EAS & CV - Beg/Adv Beg, 12 yrs+ Ballet

                EAS - Jr Intermediate Ballet, Jazz, Modern

                EAS - Lyrical Ballet

                EAS - Saturday, 10:30 Musical Theatre

                EAS - Guys Workshop

                EAS - African


The Following Groups will Perform Friday, June 20 ONLY:


                EAS - Monday, 5:30 Adv Beg Tap (Puppets)

                EAS - Monday, 6:15 Tap, 9 - 11 yrs (Crayons)

                EAS - Monday, Hip Hop, 9 - 11 yrs (Galaxy Girls)

                EAS - Tuesday, Beg 1/2 Modern (Chinese Checkers)

                EAS - Tuesday 5:45 Beg 1/2 Ballet (Maidens of Honor)

                EAS - Wednesday, 5:30 Tap (Robots)

                EAS - Wednesday, 6:15 Modern, 8 - 11 yrs (Russian Nesting Dolls)

                EAS - Thursday, 5:15 Tap I, 6 - 8 yrs (Rocking Horses)

                EAS - Thursday, 4:30 Beg 1 Ballet (Flower Girls)

                EAS - Thursday, 6:45 Jazz, 9 - 11 yrs (Barbie Dolls)

                EAS - Saturday, 10:30 Musical Theatre, 9 - 11 yrs (Hot Wheels)

                EAS - Saturday, Mini Jazz/HipHop, 7 & 8 yrs (Pirates)

                EAS - Saturday, Mini Musical Theatre, 7 & 8 yrs (Seussical)


The Following Groups will Perform Saturday, June 21 ONLY:


                CV - Tuesday, 5:30 Beg 1 Ballet (Flower Girls)

                CV - Tuesday, 6:15 Tap I (Rocking Horses)

                CV - Tuesday, 7:00 Mini Jazz, 7 & 8 yrs (Barbie Dolls)

                CV - Thursday, 6:30 Hip Hop, 9 - 11 yrs (Galaxy Girls)

                CV - Thursday 7:15 Hip Hop, 12 yrs+ (Anime)

                EAS - Monday, Hip Hop 1, 12 yrs+ (Army Soldiers)

                EAS - Wednesday, Beg/Adv Beg Modern, 12 yrs+ (Rag Dolls)

                EAS - Saturday, 9:30 Musical Theatre (Misfit Toys)

                EAS & CV - Beg/Adv Beg Jazz, 12 yrs+ (Jacks)

                EAS & CV - Beg/Adv Beg Ballet, 9 - 11 yrs (Maidens of Honor)

                EAS & CV - Beg/Adv Beg Tap, 12yrs+ (Pinball)

Recital Format and General Info...


Our studio presents two separate recitals at the end of the for our youngest dancers in the early childhood program and the second for students in the upper school program.


Our recital venue has changed!  Recitals will be presented at Chesapeake College's Todd Performing Arts Center.  With our expansion to a second location in Centreville, we will be expanding our performance to two nights!  To keep the overall length of the performance manageable, some class groups will perform one night, others will perform the second night.  See lists above


In recognizing the needs of our 3 to 5 yr. olds, our Early Childhood recital is a short, matinee performance and dancers are led onstage by an instructor or an older, advanced student.  Their "dress rehearsal" immediately precedes the performance itself which helps keep the sequence fresh in the children's memory, and minimizes extra trips for families.


Students in our Upper School program (1st grade and above - all dance forms) participate in a longer evening performance, although every effort is made to keep the program to around 2 hours.  Because this program is more complex, and students are expected to remember their choreography, enter and exit the stage, and potentially interact with other class groups, additional in-studio and on-stage rehearsals are scheduled.


Details for our 2014 Recital Season...


Early Childhood - A Magical Toyshop

                        Sunday, May 18th at the Todd Performing Arts Center, Chesapeake College

·         Dancers arrive noon-ish

·         Dancers rehearse on stage with no audience

·         2:00pm - doors open to audience members while dancers take a break and have a studio-provided snack, lipstick update, and hairpin tidy

·         2:30pm - Performance

·         Performance will run for about an hour


Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Musical Theater, Hip Hop, Contemporary, African


Coppelia and the Magical Toyshop


Friday & Saturday, June 20th & 21st at Todd Performing Arts Center, Chesapeake College

  • Thursday, June 19th - Dress Rehearsal - MANDATORY

                       -All Evening!

  • Friday, June 20th - Recital, 7pm - Dancers report at 6pm - Doors open to audience at 6:30pm


  • Saturday, June 21st - Recital, 7pm.  Dancers arrive at 6pm - Doors open to audience at 6:30pm


~Pointes~ of note:

Recital Tickets Now On Sale at all Studios!

To make up for snow days, our spring break closure will now be Thurs, 4/17 thru Mon, 4/21

Summer Dance 2014 Registration is NOW OPEN!

Congratulations to our dance scholarship award recipients at the MD State Dance Festival!

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