Your Journey in Dance Begins Here!
Your Journey in Dance Begins Here!

Upper School Recital 2020 ~ Four Seasons

Upper School Recital Handbook
For your reference - download and print a copy of the recital packet that went to all families in December/January
Recital Handbook Upper.pdf
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How To Make That Ballet Bun!
A bun for the recital need not be cause for widespread panic or expensive trips to the salon! Just follow these easy instructions. As with many things in life, a good, solid foundation is key. In this case, it means we need to start with a secure, tight ponytail.
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The information below is for our Upper School Recitals in June Only....


Click Here for details about our Early Childhood Recital in May

Recital Performance Dates/Times


Thursday & Friday, June 25 & 26, 2020 ~ 7pm

Chesapeake College, Todd Performing Arts Center ~ Wye Mills, MD


These performances include dancers in all levels/sections of the following classes from Centreville & Easton:


Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, blended Jazz/Hip Hop, Modern, Hip Hop, and African


To keep the performance to a manageable (and enjoyable!) length, some groups will perform Friday only, some groups will perform Saturday only, and select classes will perform both Friday and Saturday.


All Easton Classes Perform Thursday, June 25

  • ​All Thursday only performers have MANDATORY Tech/Picture Time on Monday, June 15 (this will be short, 20-30 mins)
  • All Friday only performers have MANDATORY Dress Rehearsal on Tuesday, June 23 (this will be all evening)


All Centreville Classes Perform Friday, June 26

  • All Friday only performers have MANDATORY Tech/Picture Time on Tuesday, June 16 (short, 20-30 mins)
  • All Friday only performers have MANDATORY Dress Rehearsal on Wednesday, June 24 (all evening)


The Following Classes from both Centreville & Easton will Perform BOTH Thursday & Friday, June 25 & 26:


Details coming soon!


  • Performers Scheduled for both nights will have Mandatory Tech/Picture times Monday and/or Tuesday, Jun 15 & 16
  • Performers Scheduled for both nights MUST ATTEND BOTH DRESS REHEARSALS,   Tuesday & Wednesday, June 23 & 24


Recital Details and Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions.....

Dress Rehearsal & Recital Dates/Times/Info


Tech/Pictures, Dress Rehearsals, and Recitals are held at Chesapeake College, Todd Performing Arts Center


Tech Rehearsal & Pictures = Full costume, hair and make-up.  Individual and group portraits will be scheduled, as well as a short time on stage to determine spacing, entrances and exits, curtain closures, etc.  Dancers do not stay the entire evening.


Dress Rehearsal = Full costume, hair, and make-up.  Full stage run-through of the entire show in program order, so everyone is ready for costume changes, stage transitions, finale, etc.

  • Yes, we need all of the dancers there for the entire time. They will be monitored and cared for and quite entertained as they get to watch the other peformers.
  • Dress Rehearsal is CLOSED TO SPECTATORS unless you have made prior arrangements


Recitals - Thursday & Friday, June 24 & 25, 7pm

            Dancers report to the auditorium at 6pm


Estimated program time = 2 1/2 hours including intermission (concessions will be sold - cash only)


Students will be assigned to dressing areas for dress rehearsal and for the weekend's performances.   Although dancers are assigned to a dressing room, we will be running dress rehearsal mostly from the auditorium so dancers may see the show in its' entirety (or mostly).  Dancers should use their assigned dressing room area to get ready, and then we'll have them take seats in class groups (as best we can as there are many that overlap into numerous dance pieces), and go from there.


  • All dancers should have a non-messy, peanut-free snacks and water (no colored sports drinks, please!  they'll be in costume!) with them as needed for dress rehearsal and performance nights. 
  • It's a long wait backstage on performance nights, so a quiet, non-electronic activity is welcome as well - a book, coloring, deck of cards, pick-up sticks, etc. 
  • All backstage areas are electronics-free zones.  No cell phones, so there's no chance of a selfie with someone changing in the background and no chance of Facebook induced backstage drama.  Thank you for your support on this policy.


Dress Rehearsal & Recital Check-in and Dismissal:

  • All dancers will need to check-in at the main desk as you enter the lobby area of the theater.  You will need to make sure we have a contact phone number.  You will be directed to your assigned dressing room from there. 
  • If a parent is accompanying the student backstage to assist with hair and make-up, please limit this to one person only.  There is not room for an entire entourage in the dressing areas. 
  • Also, please note that dressing areas are ladies only.  Except, of course, for the assigned guys dressing room.


Dress Rehearsal Dismissal  - we will dismiss from the auditorium in somewhat smaller groups so as not to have a complete stampede.  Students will need to gather their belongings from the dressing rooms, and change out of their costumes before leaving.  You will need to sign out your child at the dressing room door with a staff person before you leave.


Recital check-in will be the same as dress rehearsal check in.  Dancers are to report by 6pm.


Recital dismissal:  A SINGLE family representative should claim younger students in the larger group classrooms.  Teens may check out (and may do so themselves) with any staff person.


**Please note** ~ It is super-busy & congested after the recitals.  I suggest you plan ahead for where your family members will gather after the show, and plan ahead so you know who is retrieving your younger child from the dressing area.

All About Hair, Make-up, Costumes, Etc.

--Students are to carry, not wear, their costumes to the auditorium.  Obviously there is not private changing available for over 100 students.  If students have to change during the show, a nude leotard for underneath is recommended.  Another easy option is to bring an oversized button up shirt and change under that, or have a friend hold it up for some privacy.

--Make sure you have all accessories, hairpieces, tights or socks of the proper color, shoes, etc.

--No jewelry is to be worn unless part of the costume.  Medical bracelets are the only exception.

--No nailpolish (this includes toes for students dancing barefoot)

--When pulling back/putting up hair, plain, non-shiny accessories and pins should be used. Community use hair supplies will be available.  If you're unsure of how to make a classic dance bun, instructions are on the website.  No sock buns, or bun forms, or fancy up-do's, please.  No beads, no braids.

--All girls' undergarments (if worn) must be plain and light colored - nude/tan preferred.  The other option is to do as the professionals do, and go without.  This eliminates all the issues.  A nude leotard as a base is a good option for those with costumes changes.

--Guys must wear compression spandex or dance belt under all costumes

--PLEASE Avoid sunburn right before the recital.

            Sunburn+recital costume+hot stage lights = MISERY!


Make up Notes – NO GLITTER!

--Because the bright stage lights wash out dancers faces, the following heavy make up is recommended(girls):

            Foundation, 1 shade darker than normal

            Dark red blush on cheeks

            Black eyeliner, top and bottom, extended slightly past the outer corner of the eye

            White or other light color eyeshadow on eyelid

            Dark blue or brown (to match eye color) eyeshadow in crease, light eyeshadow above

            Brown eyebrow pencil for those with light eyebrows

            Black mascara on top and bottom lashes

            True red lipstick

--Guys should also accent eyes, lips, and cheeks

This may seem extreme, but remember that dancers are viewed from a distance under very bright lights.  As parents, you must decide what you are comfortable with.  Community use make-up will be available.


What can parents do while waiting during rehearsals? 

(note that you are not required to stay onsite)

-Hang out and relax – gee, how often do we get to do that?

-Save gas and carpool

-Go out to dinner with a friend - check out options in Centreville or the Kent Narrows area

-The Queenstown Outlets are CLOSE BY!


Recital DVD Orders

DVD forms will be available at the studios and at the auditorium and can be turned in at the recital.


Recital Tickets

All families should have received their complimentary recital tickets.  Additional tickets for family and friends are available in advance online,, and will be on sale during rehearsals and on recital days – tell a friend – it’s gonna be a GREAT show!!!




Upper School End of the Year Rehearsal Schedule


Over the years, it has become part of our recital preparation, end-of-the year process, to switch from our once-per-week individual classes to larger group combined rehearsals twice per week.  This gives students more frequent practice of their dances, gives them the chance to dance in front of an audience and gives all the staff a chance to see all of the pieces in order to be prepared for staging transitions.  2019 Rehearsal Schedule will be released as soon as it's available.



On-stage Dress Rehearsals-

are mandatory for all students.  Students that perform Friday night have pictures & tech rehearsal Monday night and full dress rehearsal on Wednesday night.  Students that perform Saturday night have pictures & tech rehearsal Tuesday night and full dress rehearsal on Thursday night.  Students that perform both nights must attend both dress rehearsals, and will most likely have pictures & tech rehearsals on both Monday & Tuesday.



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