Your Journey in Dance Begins Here!
Your Journey in Dance Begins Here!

Early Childhood Recital 2020 ~ Four Seasons

Early Childhood Recital Handbook
For your reference ~ download and print copy of the recital packet that went out to all families in December/January.
Recital Handbook EC.pdf
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How To Make That Ballet Bun!
A recital bun need not be cause for widespread panic or expensive trips to the salon. Follow these easy instructions and fear not the extra hold hair gel!!
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**This Information is for our Early Childhood Recital**


Click here for details about our Upper School Recitals in June 


Sunday, May 17th ~ 3pm

Todd Performing Arts Center, Chesapeake College ~ Wye Mills, MD


This performance includes dancers in all sections of the following classes from our Centreville & Easton studios:

  • Rhythm & Dance, 3 & 4 yr olds
  • PreBallet & Tap I, 4 & 5 yr olds (students perform one piece - either ballet or tap)
  • Intro Combo, 5 & 6 yr olds (students perform one piece - either ballet, tap, or jazz)


General Timeline & Format of the Day




  • Students Arrive around 11:30am - and should have had a light lunch before coming
  • Students must BE READY (costume, hair, make-up) by 12:00noon....parents get them ready and then depart
  • Closed Dress Rehearsal (no observers) & Photos until 2:30pm
  • House Opens at 2:30pm To Audience Members (parents SHOULD NOT plan to come backstage at this time)
  • Performance at 3:00pm
  • A non-messy, peanut-free snack will be provided to all performers during break between rehearsal and performance.  If you have food allergy concerns, please contact Mrs. Shari,


Recital Admission/Tickets/Seating
All families receive two complimentary tickets to the performance for parents to see their children at no charge.  Additional tickets are $15 each and are available in advance online or at the auditorium on recital day.  All audience members (regardless of age) must have a ticket (this is venue policy).  There are no limits to the number that may attend, except for the unlikely event of a sell-out.  All seating is general admission.  There are no reserved seats unless you choose to participate in our online reserved seat auction.  Keep an eye on your email for reserved seat auction details!


All About Hair, Make-up, Costumes, Etc. - NO GLITTER!

  • Students are to carry, not wear, their costumes to the auditorium.
  • All ballet students will wear regular pink tights and pink ballet slippers with their costumes.
  • All tap students will wear provided tan or black tights, and their regular black tap shoes with their costumes.
  • Dance Fusion students will wear black jazz shoes.  Socks, if worn, should be black and lowcut
  • Make sure you have all accessories, including hairpieces, tights of the proper color, shoes, etc.
  • NO GLITTER in the hair, on the face, or on the body
  • And please wait until after the recital for the addition of any cute tattoos!
  • Hair is to be in a bun for all classes, unless otherwise noted on your costume instruction sheet.  When pulling back/putting up hair, plain, non-shiny accessories and pins should be used. Community use hair supplies will be in the dressing room
  • If your child wears panties under her costume, please make sure they are plain and light colored.  The other option is to do as the professionals do, and go without.  This eliminates all the issues.  We don't wear undergarments under our bathingsuits, so why would we need them under a leotard?
  • Sunburn + recital costume + hot stage lights = MISERY!


Make up Notes

Bright stage lights wash out dancers faces, make up is recommended:

  • Red blush on cheeks
  • Light color eyeshadow on eyelid, dark eyeshadow in crease, light eyeshadow above
  • Brown/black eyebrow pencil
  • Black mascara on top and bottom lashes - eyeliner, too, if you can manage it
  • True red lipstick


This may seem extreme, but remember that dancers are viewed from a distance under very bright lights.  As parents, you must decide what you are comfortable with.  Community use make-up will be available.


Recital Video Orders

DVD order forms are available at the studio and at the auditorium on recital day.  Check (made out to In Focus Video Productions) or exact change cash payments will be accepted.  Cost tax and postage for direct home delivery.


Check-in, Backstage, and Dismissal Procedures


  • You will need to check-in your dancer in the lobby and you will be directed to which backstage area your dancer(s) has/have been assigned.  Please make sure you have all of your child's costume pieces organized.  A small tote bag labelled with your child's name is recommended.
  • At check-in, you will need to remove your child's earrings if you haven't done so already to avoid any dressing room drama/tears.  Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  • Dancers will be divided into large classrooms that will serve as our "dressing room" and backstage waiting area.  They will be supervised by our staff and a large group of our older students who have volunteered to assist with the day.
  • Obviously, no venue is able to provide private changing for our number of students, so we do ask that our classrooms be ladies only, except for any boys in the program.  Dads, brothers, etc will need to wait outside the room. 
  • After the performance, you will be able to pick up your dancer from the backstage classroom to which he/she was dropped off.  It is venue policy that NO ONE is allowed on stage other than performers and staff.
  • When picking up your dancer, please only one adult per student for pick-up - it will be very congested.  You will need to check out with a staff person in that room so we know all dancers have been accounted for.



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