Your Journey in Dance Begins Here!
Your Journey in Dance Begins Here!

Questions and Answers

When do class sessions start?


    Classes run the length of the school year, starting the Monday after Labor Day.  Early Childhood students (Rhythm & Dance and PreBallet classes) finish mid-May.  Upper level students finish mid-June.  We also offer summer camps and once-a-week summer evening classes.  Check the Calendar page for specifics for each season.


Can students start mid-year?

    Yes, if space is available in classes.  But, also keep in mind that students starting after January 31st are not eligible to participate in the end-of-the-year recital.


May I watch my child's dance class?

    Because it can be very distracting (especially to younger students), we do not have parents stay in the dance studio during classes.  We have scheduled Observation Weeks two times per year (refer to the "Calendar" page) so parents can see what we do in class.  If you have special concerns, a relative visiting from out-of-town, or if your child needs to work on separating from you, we can make arrangements - just speak to your instructor.


My child missed class - can I reduce my tuition payment?

    No, but you may attend another class for make-up.  Students may go up or down one age group or level for make-up purposes or even try another dance form.  Tuition is based on a year's worth of lessons and is divided into monthly installments for your convenience.  Scheduled holidays and closures are considered in the overall fee for the year.


What should my child wear for dance class?

    Please refer to the "Dress Code" requirements listed with class descriptions.  Although we like to enjoy a somewhat casual environment in which to enjoy our dance classes, we have established dress code guidelines to 1) insure the safety of students, 2) insure that teachers can see body lines clearly in order to make corrections, and 3) show respect for the art form and ourselves as performers.


Where can I purchase dancewear?

    Basic dancewear and shoes can be purchased at our shop at the dance studio for your convenience.  Your "closest" dancewear shop options are Dance Supplies, Etc. in Severna Park, Dance Wear, Etc. in Salisbury, and Dance Collection in Dover/Camden, DE.


Does my child have to participate in the recital?

    No.  All are encouraged to participate, but it is not required.  Students will still be included and learn the class dance piece.


Where is the recital held?

    Recitals are held at the Todd Performing Arts Center at Chesapeake College. 


Still have a question?  Please contact us and we'll be glad to get you an answer!

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