Your Journey in Dance Begins Here!
Your Journey in Dance Begins Here!

Help Your Dancers Perform Their Best...

Dress for Dance Class Success!

Don't forget that our in-studio dancewear shoppe can take care of

all of your dancewear needs!


Based on the centuries old traditions of dance training, our studio follows dress code guidelines (listed with each class description) to bring out the best in all of our students.....


Properly fitted dance clothes (leotards, tights, etc) allow instructors to see student body alignment and make sure technique is executed correctly and safely.


Hair that is secured away from the face keeps the student from being distracted.


Any time that a student has to push hair out of her face, pull down a shirt, pull up a pair of pants, she stops dancing.  This interrupts the flow of instruction, and takes away from the success of the dancer.  Help your dancer make the most of the experience and dress for dance class success!

How to Make that Classical Dance Bun!
Hair in a bun need not be cause for widespread panic or expensive trips to the hair salon. Follow these easy instructions, and fear not the extra hold hair gel!!
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