Private, Semi-Private, and Small Group Lessons for Focused Instruction.....


Many dancers can benefit from a more focused study experience to supplement their regular class schedules.  Whether preparing a solo, or wanting to target specific skills or dance styles, or preparing for auditions, or just wanting to "catch-up" on a new dance form, Private, Semi-Private, or Small Group lessons can provide a great opportunity for technical advancement and growth as a dancer.  Sessions can focus on a particular technique, strength and flexibility, on learning a solo, or additional areas of interest.


For the 2018-19 School year season, studio owner/director, Mrs. Shari, will be accepting private lesson reservations for Friday afternoons, 3:00pm to 5:30pm.  Schedules can be weekly, bi-weekly, or scheduled per diem, depending on availability.  Additional afternoon timeslots may also be available.


Private Lesson rates - $50 for a 45-minute session

Semi-Private (2 to 3 students) Lesson rates - $25 per dancer for a 45-minute session

Small Group (4 to 6 students) Lesson rates - $15 per dancer for a 45-minute session


Contact Mrs. Shari directly for scheduling -



Specialty Sessions for Groups ~ Homeschool, Girl Scouts, etc


We are more than happy to design and schedule your group's special dance events.....earning a badge, earning fine art or physical education credit, or just exploring different dance styles.  Session rates would vary based on duration, number of dancers, etc.


Contact Mrs. Shari directly for scheduling -


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