Whether as a recreational hobby or an intensive training program, studying dance benefits children in a wide variety of ways...


Preparing for a performance develops long-term memory and planning, engages students mind and body, and promotes positive group interactions and cooperation with others.  Dance provides focused, structured physical activity in a non-competitive atmosphere and improves posture, balance, flexibility, and coordination.  A positive experience in dance can promote a life-long interest in and support of the arts. 


And, along with all of that, it's lots of fun!

A couple quick details about our program and classes:


  • Please note that we do not offer combination classes such as ballet & tap or tap & jazz except in our Early Childhood program.  We feel the individual merits of each form cannot be adequately addressed in a condensed, combination class format.  This approach also better prepares students that plan to continue their dance training, as classes at the university and professional level are always focused on a single technique.
  • Unless otherwise noted, classes run the length of the school year and conclude with an annual recital performance.
  • Due to the newness of our Centreville program, and the limitations of only one studio space, not all offerings are available in that location at this time.  We look forward to expanding the programming options as that location continues to grow!


About Level Progression in Dance.....


Progression to more advanced levels of ballet technique requires a multi-day commitment.  Progression into pointe is NOT automatic.  Due to the serious nature of pointe work, and the very real potential for injury to students, only select dancers demonstrating adequate strength, alignment, and technical proficiency will progress into pointe shoes.  While we are sorry to disappoint dancers that want to go into pointe, we cannot in good conscience put a child's health and safety at risk.


Students planning to continue their dance training at the university or professional level, or those with performance or teaching goals in dance should have a conference with the director, in order to develop an appropriate education plan.  Once per week class is not the path to a professional dance career.  Please contact the director, Shari Smigo, if you would like to discuss your dancer's training goals, MidShoreDanceAcademy@gmail.com



Sometimes schedules change, or classes aren't what we were expecting....if you need to drop/change a class, please click the button below:


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